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Biblical Love

February’s theme is love. But, what does the Bible have to say about love? Turns out, quite a bit!

The most common form of love discussed in the New Testament is agape love. Agape love represents the highest level of love and is everlasting and sacrificial in nature. It is most perfectly expressed in the life and death of Jesus. As 1 John 4:8 states, “…God is love.”

Storge love or familial love is also expressed in the Bible. This type of love is characterized by a deep bond between people that results in caring for and about the welfare of the other. Jairus’s concern for his daughter or the family of Lazarus expressed their storge love in concern over their loved one’s health and life.

Phileo love refers to brotherly love. Paul talked of brotherly love often in the New Testament epistles. Jesus expressed brotherly love to many. His disciples followed in his example.

Finally, eros love refers to romantic or sexual love. This type of love is probably most memorably discussed in Song of Solomon. God did provide for love to be expressed not just in emotions, but also physically.

Biblically, love is the deepest possible expression someone can have for another person. It is an “inner force” that calls us to a duty beyond ourselves. A duty to God and to others.

We would love to hear your “love” stories. Please share in the comments.

Contribued by Liz Hunt


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